What is your personality type?

1| Choose personality tests

2| Take the tests; add results to your profile

3| Track and share your personality type


Personality tests assess human personality constructs

We all have a different way of seeing and interacting with the world. Personality impacts everything we do from daily thoughts and decision-making to managing relationships. No personality type is "better" than any other—just different. And each perspective brings something new and interesting to the table.

Personality tests help you grow as an individual

Personality tests can be thought-provoking, insightful, informative, and fun. They nuggets of truth and wisdom about your behavior.


Understand who you truly are

Recognize strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, preferences.

Learn how to cope with stress, conflict, situation, etc.

Get a strong sense of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, etc.

Inform decision-making (career, lifestyle, life partner, etc.)

Discover new approaches to solving problems.


Understand the people around you

Improve communication skills and social interactions.

Better understand others – family, friends, teammates, etc.

Build stronger relationships with others.

Build empathy and connection.

Improve emotional intelligence.


College and Career

Take personality tests before picking a major and starting a new job

Generate ideas for career options

Comprehend your work style

Transition career seamlessly


Workplace & Leadership

Take personality tests for team building activities & leadership coaching and guidance

Improve team collaboration

Create stronger teams

Increase leadership potential


Love & Family

Take personality tests for date night activity & for a fun family night activity

Find a compatible partner

Strengthen relationship with loved ones

Gift based on personality types

How to use personality tests with others


Take Personality Tests

Agree on 2-3 personality tests each person will take.

Take tests individually and understand results thoroughly.

Share personality profile with each other in advance.


Get Together and Reflect

Dig into results for each individual and as a group.

Leverage questions to discuss patterns, problems, and connections.

Find ways to improve dynamics i.e communication, teamwork.

More than two million people take it [personality tests] every year. It is used in twenty-six countries to assess employees, students, soldiers, and potential marriage partners

The New Yorker

Personality tests in the workplace

Personality tests can be a great tool for hiring & retaining talent,
developing workplace productivity, and improving company culture.


Employers use one or more forms of personality assessment


Of 100 Fortune Companies use MBTI for talent management (hiring, team building, leadership coaching, etc.)

1 in every 5

Fortune 1,000 companies uses it in the hiring process

One personality test is not the end-all, be-all

Personality tests don’t reveal everything about you. They provide guidance for self-awareness and reflection. People grow and change with new experiences in life. Researchers have found that personalities change over time. It's best to take personality tests every year. You don’t need to agree with the personality test results in order to find value in the insights. It's best to take multiple personality tests for a more holistic view. Choose from our library of 20+ personality tests to take.